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Her income doing real-time sessions of foot worship and light femdom was cut off, so she could commit more time to her online work. I know you came for OnlyFans, but IsMyGuy may be more up your alley. If you are comfortable performing for men, there is an all-male platform that can help you kickstart your new career: IsMyGuy. There What is onlyfans no reason or explanation for it. But many people were quick to note that one of the platform’s most popular gay models has a rather long history of making racist remarks on social media, and yet for some reason his profile has never been deactivated. Most social media personalities tread a fine line between sharing enough details to let fans feel like they know them, without making themselves targets. Many reviews have been left by fans - not content creators. These are made to maximise revenue-and they may well show potential viewers other creators instead. "I’ve been sent a policewoman and a nurse outfit before, as well as a tutu, fishnet tights and a corset.